What is Nadi Pariksha?

Nadi Pariksha is a diagnostic practice in Ayurveda to find the root cause of any symptom so that effective remedies are suggested to cure any ailment and illness in the body. It is also called Pulse diagnosis.

I have an appointment for Nadi Pariksha. What do's and don't's must I follow?

You are required to come either on an empty stomach or 3 hours after taking your meal/tea/coffee. Please avoid wearing finger rings as they have to be removed before you go through Nadi Pariksha.

 Why must Ayurvedic Doctors learn Nadi Pariksha?

While diagnosing a patient, performing 8 types of tests is suggested.  The first 7 types are; Mutra Pariksha, Mala Pariksha, Jihva Pariksha, Shabda Pariksha, Twak Pariksha, Drik Pariksha and Akara Pariksha.

If you want to find out the internal root cause of any of the symptoms and know the dosha imbalance within the bodythe only way to know it is through the 8th type of diagnosis which is Nadi Pariksha.

I am an Ayurvedic Doctor. How can I benefit by learning Nadi Pariksha?

After you learn Nadi Pariksha, you don't have to ask the patient any questions. Just through Nadi Pariksha you can diagnose the root cause of any symptom. This increases your respect and patients believe in you and your treatment which is the fastest way to heal.

Can better treatment strategies be evolved after learning Nadi Pariksha?

Yes. Let's say a person complains of knee pain. How will you find out the root cause of the problem? Is it in the knees, is it because the person is constipated or is it because of a misalignment in the hips. Causes can be many. Only through Nadi Pariksha will you come to know the actual cause of the problem. Then an accurate treatment schedule can be prepared.

What is Mahesh Krishnamurthy's contribution towards Nadi Pariksha?

In the 58th All India Ayurveda Congress, for the First time in the Congress, Nadi Pariksha was discussed. We was the first and the only person to present two papers on Nadi Pariksha in the 58 years of All India Ayurveda Congress.

What is Mahesh Krishnamurthy's experience in Nadi Pariksha?

Mahesh Krishnamurthy has diagnosed over 25000 people using Nadi Pariksha. He is the first when it comes to sharing knowledge of Nadi Pariksha with budding Ayurveda doctors. He demonstrated Nadi Pariksha to over 600 Ayurveda doctors.

He has trained over 160 Ayurveda Doctors in Nadi Pariksha.

Do you have CME programme for Nadi Pariksha?

Yes. We have a CME programme for Nadi Pariksha.

What is the mode of payment?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and certain modes of online payments.

How can I take Kashayam?

Kashayam is usually taken in a quantity of 3 teaspoons along with 3 teaspoons of warm water. It is taken at sunrise and sunset and when on an empty stomach for 3 hours. You can eat or drink only after an hour after taking the medication.

Do not take medication without your doctor's advise.

How can I take Arishtam or Asavam?

Arishtam and Asavam can be taken by adults in proportion of 3 teaspoon along with 3 teaspoons of warm water after breakfast and dinner. One must avoid taking water immediately after food so that they can take the arishtam or asaram.

Do not take medication without your doctor's advise.

How can I take Choornas?

Choorna or Choornam can be taken along with honey, ghee, water, buttermilk or with rice. Every choorna has different uses and hence have to be taken appropriately with prior consultation with your doctor.